Vacuflush Toilet Mounting

redlightningredlightning Beaver Lake ArkansasMember Posts: 213 ✭✭
Our toilet has clearly been leaking some and along with the occasional use of the shower, moisture seems to easily get down into the holes where the toilet bolts down.  Now i have some degree of wood rot in these bolt hole locations.  I am  considering options for repairs.  Metal or plastic plate larger than the current bolt pattern by 3" or so that the toilet would bolt to that then that plate attach to the current surface.  The area is hollow below this raised area but not really accessible.  it appears to be fiberglass on the top surface, wood in the middle then fiberglass below also.      

When i rebuilt the toilet this spring.  I replaced the entire base.  I noticed this wood rot issue then and i was able to get it put back together knowing i would need to come up with a long term plan.  I was uncertain about how tight to draw down on the band and clamp connecting the bowl and base.  

Has anyone experienced this and do you have any advice?

2008 330 Express Cruiser
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