Changing bravo 2 foot oil and some oil usage

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My first oil change I pulled both plugs, drained the entire system including reservoir.  I then filled the leg until oil came out the top plug.  I then plugged the top plug and filled the reservoir.

I've launched 3 or 4 times since then and two or three times it's gone down to the fill mark or right above it and I've topped it off.  Maybe air bubbles still working out?  No oil slick to be seen. It doesn't leak any on the trialer or inside the bilge i can find.

I'm thinking, if possible, next time i leave the top plug in. I use my little pump to fill the entire system including the reservoir from the bottom so there is no chance of any bubbles.  

I've read the design of the bravo outdrives let out some oil.  Seems the level drops to a cetrian point and stops.  Ill go a week or two between each launch.  Even the week of vacation when I used it for 5 days I fillled it right at the same amount as i have on the weekends of 2 days usage.  

This fall I will drain and pressurize the system.  Is it 5 or 10 psi that these test to?  If it passes I've also read to do a vacuum test, what psi should that go to?

Can I test at the reservoir hose?  And if it doesnt pass then test at the outside of the transom fittings to determine if it's in the drive or the connections?


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