Propelller size

PCarrollPCarroll Member Posts: 2
I just damaged my prop and need a replacement.  In researching what i need, the info is coming back and very confusing to me.  I stopped at a propeller repair shop and the prop is history.  I was told that i have 14 with a 19 pitch.  The boat I have is a 1997 Rinker Fiesta 212 with a cuddy.  I have the 5.7 mercruiser with the Alpha one drive.  I know there are three different gear ratios for this drive, how do I determine which one I have.  I do not know the rpms the boat cruises at because I really never paid attention to it and now the prop is off the boat and the boat is in the storage lot.  Can anyone tell me in the 14 with 19 pitch is the right prop for the boat.  I have only had the boat for 1 1/2 years.  We pull tubers once in a while, most mostlyh my wife take it on Lake Erie or the Maumee River for pleasure and I take for fishing.


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