Replacing a 4 in 1 gauge on my 2005 Fiesta 320

TonyGTonyG Member Posts: 2
I bought this replacement gauge thinking it would be an easy plug out plug in, but my new replacement gauge does not have the plug in. I have to cut each wire and put on a slip on connector.  The gauge has numbers for the  power source ,oil gauge , fuel gauge, temp gauge, ground and voltmeter gauge.  I do not know which color gauge goes to what numbered prong. It appears the violet color is the power, the black is the ground the other colors I have are 2 shades of blue ,a tan , and a pinkish or red that was plugged into the old one by itself.  A total of 6 wires that I need to identify where they go onto the new gauge. I tried some process of elimination but it did not work out for me, so I am turning to the forum for help, please. Am I missing something? Do i need a jumooer wire  or something added to make it work?? Thank you in advance for your help.


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