Alan Howell Parrot

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Google him 
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    Well I looked at all that, then I checked the weather, it's going to get down in the mid 30's Friday nite. 
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    rain here on Friday  and maybe go into Saturday 
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    Wait...the Clintons, Obama and Biden were all involved in cover ups and shady business dealings?  

    Next thing you know Trump will be accused of both bending laws to get out of paying taxes and being a womanizer.   Didn't Trump publish a book about buisness and covered many obscure tax loop holes?

    Trump also got in trouble with not renting to African Americans, he told i believe his property manager to only rent to the Jewish people in that area as he felt they were less likely to screw him out of rent.    

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    Umm, should this discussion be moved to the Non-Boating Related category?
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    Is there a name a politician who's not done something shady thread in the political forum?

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    LaRea said:
    Umm, should this discussion be moved to the Non-Boating Related category?
    Moved............ Never thought there would be any comments on
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