First please be carefull when sending props out to be repaired. I had a couple of very small dings in my props from our last trip to Nevada. I sent hte props (duo 26p) to Hill Marine here in Ca. I insured them for 1000.00 bucks . I asked them to repair, polish and add some extra cup. They did as asked (I think) and sent them back. HEre is whwer the problem starts. They (hill Marine) only insured them for 300.00 bucks on the return trip. I was suppost to get the props back on Friday, never got here. Called them on Monday they stated that thewere sent and dillevered to my door Friday afternoon Via tracking info.Went to UPS office they stated same thing. Long story short, Ups is saying sorry cant help you and Hill MArine wont take my calls or answer my question why in the world they only insured my props for 300.00. I have ordered new props from BBlades, should be here this week.

I have recieved nothing from UPS or Hill Marine. I will spend the 24.00 bucks and take them to small claims court.

Dont LEt this happen to you!! Always make sure items are insured for FULL replacement value BOTH WAYS and make sure package requires a signiture not driver left on porch BS.

More on prop selection for B3 soon.

How much is a good time worth?


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    That's horrible , good luck
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    Thanks for the heads up let us know how this turns out.

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    Sorry for the sad story . Now for some info. First as for the B3 people. Merc makes a new 4 by 3 that looks pretty impressiv (XR). Merc also makes a 3 by 4 (NonXR) and a 3 by 3 with some extra cup alog with the standard 3 by 3. I ordered the newer 3 by 3 as I was more interested in mid to top end.

    Please dont get ne wrong I would have prefered the new XR props but with the misshap could not afford it. I ran about 50mpg @ 5000 rpm withe the stock B3 26 pitch props. I Should have the new props by this Friday and will be puttin the boat in the water Saturday morning. Keep in mind I did do some exhaust mods. I have been told the exhaust mod (through hull) will not add any performance so any gain should be purly the props. Not sure I buy that looking at the area the exhaust would have to exit vs the through hull set up. Stay tuned all and thanks for reading. More soon.

    How much is a good time worth?
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