Sand in cooling system

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2003 Captiva 232, 350 Mag/Bravo 3, 420 hours

Winterizing my boat today, when I disconnect the two quick disconnects in the block, I noticed not a lot of water ran out of the port side. Upon inspection, the small hose that runs between the left and right disconnects on the block was stopped up with sand, on the port side only. I blew compressed air in the hose, and haven’t got it cleared yet, but I also blew air into the quick connect fitting into the block, which cleared a blockage and the block drained. I’ve blown air in both sides, and in the 4 blue plug holes, and I can’t see any evidence that there’s any blockage in the engine itself. Do I just clear the small hose and go on?  Obviously the main immediate concern is that water could still be trapped somewhere for winterization, but then the other concern is a overheating problem next season. 

To this point, I’ve had no issues. I ran the engine for probably 20 minutes on the water hose, before I drained it, and it ran a steady 153°, per VVM. 

What’s my course of action here?

thanks in advance


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