Be careful!!!

My wife and I were out on the river yesterday with some friends in the evening. We were just anchored enjoying some good food, drinks and each others company. A boat was coming our way at high speed between us and the shore. We were about 75 ft. from shore in 10 ft. of water. I said he is in very shallow water and is going to rip his lower unit out. I no sooner said that when we heard him hit bottom, rpm's screamed, muddy water was flying in the air and he came to a quick stop. We saw he and his passengers were ok while he got out of the boat and stood in two feet of water checking for damage.  Before we could pull anchor to go see if he needed a tow or help, he started the motor and slowly cruised away. The out come could have been a lot worse, he has very lucky. Not sure what damage his boat sustained but it couldn't have been good. Be caerful out there.
2012 Rinker BR216 5.0


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