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Could any of the 280EC people out there help me.       I purchased a 2008, 280EC last fall and immediately had it winterized and shrink wrapped ....and its a couple of hundred miles from I cant access it.    Does anyone know what kind of Battery isolator came Original Equipment with the boat, and also where is it physically located in the boat. I'm making plans to swap out the House and Start batteries,...possible upgrade the charger, and I'd like to know what kind of isolator I might be dealing with. Its something that I didnt think of looking for and it didnt show up in the marine survey. Thanks for any help.  Much appreciated. 

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    @seahawk if you frequently use your engine to charge the batteries, consider getting something like a ProMariner ProIsoCharge.  They cost a little more, but they will let the engine charge batteries faster because the batteries receive a higher charging voltage.  

    (On a diode isolator like your original one, you lose about 0.7 volts coming across the diode.  if the alternator is putting out 14 volts, the battery is only getting 13.3 volts.)  


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