Any NJ boaters here? Looking for a new marina.


We still have our Rinker 30 that is for sale but no bites.  We used the boat 3 times this whole season - what a waste.  We live 5 minutes form the marina and its just easier to stay home in the pool with the kids.  That said we took a few trips to the shore (by car) this year and had a blast as always.  We are thinking if we still have the boat next year (I do not see it selling in this economy) we want to move it away from near home and make a weekend destination.  thought is we would use it more or at least save on hotels at the shore.

Now coming from NY we are looking from somewhere to put it.  Any recommendations for a family friendly marina?  Not sure whats rebuilt in NJ.


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    JoeStangJoeStang Member Posts: 1,122 ✭✭✭✭
    Thats ironic as most people would kill to have their boat 5 mins from home. I cant be of much help as I'm not from your area, but good luck.

    2013 276 Cuddy ~ 350 MAG / B3
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    rob_boaterrob_boater Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    I thought so to.  But when the young kids rather play at home and they the wife says lets just go home since its so close I never use the boat anymore.

    My thought was if the boat were far away at a destination like the beach.  We would take the weekend an go away.  Which is what we do now but stay at a hotel at the beach.

    I have boated on the Hudson River for 23 years and going to the same spot gets old as well.
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    serpico1serpico1 Member Posts: 22 ✭✭

    Most all the Marinas are up and running after the super storm.  Depending on where you would like to do your boating there are many family friendly places.  I do my boating in the Barnegat bay and out of the Manasquan inlet.  I keep my boat at Jersey Shore mMrina located on Rt 70 in Brick. It's a few minutes up the river from the bay and offers good protection from bad weather. 

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    rob_boaterrob_boater Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    Thanks.  We looked at Green Cove a few weeks ago (next door to Jersey Shore marina) and it looked nice.  Both marinas I believe are similar with parking behind your own boat and allot of people have setup tables/chairs etc as well.

    How is the area for boating in general?  How far is it away from coves to anchor for the day/night?  I know F cove is close but that is probably not a great place to take young kids.  Tices shoal - How far is that from your marina?  Other places.  is the Metedeconk River a no wake zone?

    We have boated down there passing through - used to stay at Crystal point but they are $$$$$$$.  We have been down to Ocean beach marina (Lavalette) and Beach haven (LBI) by boat form up here in NY

    Is there fishing near by or do you have to go out into the ocean for that?  My guess from JS Marina/Green Cove its about an hour to the ocean?

    Sorry for all the questions but you are right where we are looking possibly.

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    serpico1serpico1 Member Posts: 22 ✭✭

    I used to have my boat at green cove, but then moved over to jersey shore about 6 years ago.  both marinas are very similar. However, at the time Jersey Shore was considerably cheaper and they throw in an Onwer's appreciation/end of season BBQ with a band, etc. 

    The metedeconk river is open water and usually not to busy with boat traffic and also has a few large coves.  So many boaters use the coves and wider areas of the river for water skiing or pulling rafts.  The only  no wake zones are in and around the marinas and around the local park/beach.but those only extend about 100 feet from land and leaves plenty of open river. From jersey shore/green cove marina its about a 5-10 min no wake drive as you navigate the zig zag channel into the open river. From there, you can go to F-Cove, which is in the bay, near the mantoloking bridge, just around the bend from the river.  It was closed last year due to boaters littering and getting too roughty.  This year its open and the crowd is more family friendly and the drunken college kids are minimal.

    There is also Silver bay, which is a large cove off barnegat bay just past the mantoloking bridge, about 10 mins from F-Cove.  Tices Shoal is a bit of a drive, but very nice.  Although, unlike F-cove where you beach your boat.  At tices shoal you need to anchor.  The water is usually a little colder and a bit cleaner as it is right near the inlet.  its about a 30-45 min drive from the point you that you exit the channel from green cove marina into the open river.

    There is also treasure island which is over in the manasquan river.  The inlet is also over that way.  Its relatively close, the problem is to get there you need to go through the point pleasant canal that connects the barnegat bay to the manasquan river and that is a 3 mile stretch of no wake speed and the waters in the canal can be as rough as the ocean on a busy weekend with all the large boats passing back and forth. So treasure island is about 20-30 mins depending on boat traffic as it gets a little congested in the Manasquan river with boats fishing and crusing.  The inlet is about 10 mins past treasure island.

    As for fishing.  There is plenty of good fishing in both the barnegat bay, metedeconk river and manasquan river.  fluke, weakfish, blow fish, small blues and stripers can be caught in the rivers and bay.  once outside the inlet  there are good spots within a short drive to catch blackfish and porgy and usually blues and stripers ar erunning right outside the inlet or within a short drive depending on the time of the year. there are alos good spots that are known to hold blues, stripers, dolphin and small tuna within a 30 min drive, depending on wave conditions.

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    rob_boaterrob_boater Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    Thank you very much.  Sounds like I should definitely move the boat down there.  If we use it 4 times its more than I used it here.  I think we would use it more as if we take the trip we are there for the weekend or extended weekend and not driving home in a heartbeat.  I'll have to take another trip down and check out JS Marina as well.

    Thanks again.
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    MissKrissMissKriss Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    edited August 2013
    Seaview Harbor Marina Longport NJ its online. Has its own beach, pool, restaurant and fun bar. great easy boating area. Did i say it had a Bar....
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