Looks like it's that time

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I've started pulling together the information on our 342 in order to get her ready to sell.  :(

We really wanted to take a last long trip on her to Georgian Bay but between the boarder closing and what I think gas prices are going to do, coupled with the hot boat market right now it makes more sense to sell her.

It's tough to justify sleeping on the boat when we live on a canal.  We have a 22 foot center console for day boating and travel boating.  So now it's just a matter of finding all the manuals and receipts and typing up some pretty words about her.

She's our second Rinker and served us well taking us around Lake Huron on a fantastic trip to the North Channel.  I'll be sad to see her go, but I'm afraid it's time.

I'll share the ad when I have it pulled together.

2002 FV 342 on Lake St. Clair - Past Commodore SHC - Vessel Examiner USCGAUX


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