2002 Rinker 310 Generator

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Myself and my neighbor are going to look at a 2002 310 this afternoon. The seller is having an issue with the generator. It’s the “will only run with the start switch held on”. I know I’ve read about this issue on the forum multiple times. What’s the cause and fix? The seller is saying it’s not sensing water pressure.
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    I owned a 2001 Rinker 310 FV which had the exact same problem. Was enjoying a lovely evening on a mooring ball with the genny running and it stopped. After that it would only run with me holding the switch down. This means there is an electrical output problem./
    We started simple and affordable. Brushes, then voltage regulator, then control panel. No dice. That generator had no sound shield so water had got in to the stator which blew the rotor and stator. This translated in to a rebuild of the electrical side and $5k. this was in 2012. 
    That could be a sensor or something simple, but it could be major.... so I would find out exactly what it is before buying.
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    It could be it's not sensing oil pressure.
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    I think holding the switch bypasses the auto shutdown for no water flow and low oil pressure. I think that's what the old thread discussed. 
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    It is one of the three "safety shut down sensors" i believe they are wired is series and any one of them will kill spark and shut the genny down, oil pressure, water temp, and i cant think of the 3rd at the moment. Try disconnecting the water temp sensor on the heat exchanger and do not let the wire go to ground, do the same thing on the oil pressure sensor that i think is right by the dipstick. This is assuming we are talking about a Kohler 5E.
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    The oil pressure switch is normally open and closes when oil pressure builds to operating pressure. To  test it there take off the 2 wires and connect together. If the genny starts and runs replace the switch. if it doesn't start you can eliminate the switch as the problem.
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    We looked at the boat today, the hull and exterior was in good shape but the cockpit and cabin needed work. I told my neighbor to hold off for a different boat. He still has an accepted offer on a 2006 Sea Ray 290 in New Jersey. The seller is dragging his feet. I told him to be patient, from the pictures the SR looks like it’s a really nice boat. Hopefully we will go look at it early next week.
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    Thank you for the help. 
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    There is no ‘water pressure’ sensor on that genny, just oil pressure, coolant temp and an exhaust temp sensor. Air in the system, low oil level (check by not screwing in the dipstick) amd of course the impeller. That is the short list. lol

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