Removing the shadow of the old boat name

echandler1971echandler1971 Aberdeen, NJMember Posts: 18
We are renaming our new to us boat. We carefully removed the stickers using a heat gun  This boat has been named this for 16 years so those letters burned in. I assume I need to buff and polish, but can someone tell me specific products to use with a 7” polisher (pad and compounds/polishes/waxes) to remove the ghost image and then to put back a shine to put our new name (following the hocus pocus ceremony). Also, if there is something we should not do prior to applying the new labels (like possibly wax).  We are new to this, but I’m handy. BTW she will be named “Dan of Steel”
Dan of Steel
'05 Rinker 360 Fiesta Vee


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