Captiva 232 door latch

69fastback69fastback Member Posts: 951 ✭✭✭
I have a 2003 Captiva 232 that I recently purchased. I mostly like the boat overall, but one thing that drives me nuts about the boat, is that to get into the head/storage compartment, Rinker opted out of putting a standard latch on the door, and you're required to use a key every single time you open and close it. Given that the boat has a limited amount of storage space, for it's size, we use this space for our main storage, and need in and out numerous times a day, while we are out on the lake, and having to use the key every time is very cumbersome. Has anyone ever taken this key system off, and replaced it with a normal latch? Another problem with this, is one of our keys got broken, and I've been to 3 different locksmiths to get a new one, and not one single place has a blank that will work, because it's some odd sized, double cut key. If my one remaining key is broken, I'll have an issue. I would REALLY like to do away with this whole key system, and install a standard latch.


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