I fixed my 5ECD Generator

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Arrived at storage marina to pick up boat on launch day to find it in water at dock, but 2 mechanics inside trying to start the genny.  It did nothing when set to AUTO, and only clicked on RUN and showed code SFCO.  I got out the manual and checked "Trouble Shooting".  No mention of SFCO, but manual suggested weak starting battery and 4 separate fuses.  Mechanics put load tester on battery and it showed good.  Started pulling fuses, but with the Kohler's fuses being opaque white you can't tell if bad (whose idea was white fuses?).  One went to get fuses, and another to get volt meter.  Replaced 2 fuses and still nothing. When volt meter arrived, it showed the 2 original to be good.  Looking dim.  They also tried cleaning battery cables, but no change.  About this time they said that's about all they could do (it was past quitting time and I was paying for this).  I agreed, and I took the boat on the 2 mile ride to my home marina.

Real bummer start to season as I also learned the day before that both water pumps were shot and needed replacement.  This was learned when they removed them to install new impellers.  And they are back ordered till sometime in July.  They reinstalled them and said to keep an eye on temps with my VVM.

So, not real optimistic that I'd have any luck the next morning, but I would try.  Mentioned this to my marina tech and he said not likely a fuse, but a battery could test OK but still lack enough CCA, so try a jumper box.  So 1st I tried jumper cables from engine starter battery.  Still just got clicking but quicker.  Then went to the fuses. Thought you just turn and pull out to remove, but this didn't work.  Took about 10 minutes to figure out you have to push in, then turn and pull out.  The simplest things can throw me.  Then methodically started checking continuity on each fuse, starting with #1 of 7.  Everything was good till I tried #6.  And it was bad.  And that was good.  Popped the switch over to RUN and she fired right up.  

Isn't a better feeling in the world!     


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