Making your bed comfortable

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Well after many years of boating, and many failed attempts at really comfortable sleeping arrangements, I finally found something that makes the berth feel as comfortable as my home bed.  On our chris craft and four winns, I used an inflatable bed, and it was great, except when one of us moved, it moved the other.  I looked for twin size, but they were just too wide.  On the Rinker, I am heavy enough to compress the cushioning and feel the wood underneath.  I tried gel, memory foam, egg-crate.  Nothing worked at all for me.  Inflatable camping pads were nowhere thick enough, and air beds were too thick.  I finally came up with using one of the pads like we use for pressure ulcer prevention at the hospital I work in, and I have to say, I am sleeping like a baby now.  I put it underneath the cushion, inflate, and then deflate a bit at a time while I am lying on it.  You will find your sweet spot pretty easily.  They are only maybe an inch or inch in height.  You can buy these on ebay for around $15-20.  I was going to buy another for the wife, for two will fit under the aft cabin mattress perfectly, but she says she is fine right now.  We'll see.  She'll use my side some day, and then she'll want one.  You can try different ebay searches, like 'pressure mattress overlay' or 'waffle mattress overlay'

Just thought I would share my find.

Gary and Diane
290 FV Nauti Bonnie


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