Audible Alarm

Hello all, 

New season new problems!!!

I have developed an audible alarm on my 2003 Rinker FV 342.  It's strange.  There is no consistency to it.  When I start my motors I get the standard tone when you first turn the key on.  When I start my starboard motor I get a quick tone then it starts when I turn the key, the port motor does not.  My volt meters never get above 13 volts when the motors are running.  As I power attempt to get on plane the system drops to about 11 volts and I get an audile alarm which is sometime solid and sometimes not.  As I back down from about 3000 rpms on the motors the alarm quits sounding.  The rinse and repeat as I go up it does the same thing.  It is frustrating because all of my other gauges are spot on.  I have pulled my alternators and had them bench test and the are sold 14.2 volts.  I think my gauges are messed up but would that cause the alarm.


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