Walk-though windshield part

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On my 2002 212 Captiva the walk-through windshield has a little black plastic "arm" that sticks out from the bottom of the windshield middle section. This little "arm" holds the middle section away from the windshield when it is open. It simply sits against the boat when open. In any case, my daugher leaned against the open middle section and snapped the little arm piece. I would like to get a new one. Does anyone know what that piece is called? Can you tell me who made the windshield so that I can look for the piece. If I am correct that it is a Taylor Made windshield then it appears that the piece is what they call a "bumper", but the ones pictured at Taylor Made's website seem a bit short. However it may be part #40400227. Unfortunately Taylor Made's web site does not have a purchase capability (that I could find), it doesn't provide any deminsions and searching on the part name or on the part number does not bring any rational results. So, any help would be appreciated as I search for this little part.




2002 Captiva 212, 5.0 220 hp, Alpha 1, 1.62 gears

Moon Township, PA - boating in the Ohio River


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