Storms from Ida

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Whew!  Glad yesterday is over!  I'm sure many of you saw the tornado that went thru Annapolis (as well as many other places all up the coast).  Yesterday I got a call from my son that he was at the post office and his car wouldn't start (possibly from the tons of rain and water on the road).  He had changed his appt for getting a passport from Monday to Wednesday afternoon, even after me telling him that was not a good day or time to be out.  At the same time I was wondering how to get him picked up, while I was at work, I get a text from a boat dock friend.  Is your house ok?  well, I thought at least my son was not there.  Before I can check things out online, he sends me another text of a fishing friend whose house was on fire from lightening hitting it (it burnt to the ground).  I decide to call my house, since I still have an old fashion answering machine.  It picks up, so I know there is still electricity.  Ok, that is good.  Then I found out the tornado touched down less than a mile from where my son is and two miles away from where my wife works, and only a few miles from home.  

When I got home there were no branches down in the yard, amazing!  I get text from other boating dock friends that live right near our marina.  A house in their neighborhood had the entire roof and most of the second floor taken off and anothe house severely damaged.  They had no power but, they were able to check on the boats in our marina (which is further out on the peninsula) and wow, power was still at our marina. 

Talk about good fortune!  Only thing I need to do is get a starter put in my son's car (which he will do on Friday when it gets delivered).  I feel so lucky that things could be so much worse!!  Heck, tomorrow morning I will begin 4 days of relaxing on our boat for a long weekend! :smile:

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    Wow, what a story! Glad that everything ended up ok. Hope your friend is ok, that is just horrible that his house burnt down. 
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    Glad everything worked out @Dream_Inn !

    This storm was much worse then Henri for us. Heave Heavy rain and strong winds, tornado warnings. A lot of small branches and leaves down. A lot in the pool also. I have a hill in my backyard that was eroded from all of the water rushing down. I’ll be out shoveling today 🙄. Some water in the basement also but not bad. The pics don’t show how deep the rut is. We’re very lucky, could’ve been a lot worse!

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    Wow @Dream_Inn, we're not that far from you, and we had nothing except a few brief spots of heavy rain.  On the other hand, this weekend's weather looks spectacular ... enjoy your time on the boat!
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    @Dream_Inn wow what a story. Glad you and your family are OK. 
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    John, heard anything about Ellicot City??
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    John, heard anything about Ellicot City??
    They've been ok thru all of this.  No big floods there, but they have done a lot of changes since the last 2 floods they've had.

    We got about 5 inches of rain.  I'm so glad I live on a hill.  One thing I learned from my Dad was to always live in a house higher than your neighbor.  My son is learning that as well.

    Thanks everyone.  I've got some crazy pictures that have been texted to me between yesterday and today.  Even one was a friend that recorded a video on his phone of a tornado seen from the back of his house (he was lucky that all was ok there).

    @aero3113 That does look pretty bad.  At least it looks like you have good runoff away from the house.

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    @Dream_Inn , I did get a little water in the basement but not bad at all. I started to shovel, I have 3 big piles of dirt in my driveway that I now have to move 🙄. It’s crazy how this storm has caused more damage around the island than Henri last week.
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