Hit a log with the fiesta vee 270..now I hear an ocasional" tinging "when I put the boat in drive?

maxwellmaxwell wisconsinMember Posts: 59
Anybody have a similar problem, ever??Did I screw my lower unit up,but good?..darn it..
Was not traveling that fast ..barely moving..but  prop did get some scratches in the stainless...killed the engine immediately...
After the log hit...I wanted to take it for a test drive and open it up..to see if there was any real bad sounds ,or loss of power..but chickened out..I have it on the trailer now..advice?


  • GrahamuGrahamu Lefroy, Lake Simcoe, ON, CDAMember Posts: 430 ✭✭✭
    You should have the props checked for damage and balance, also check the prop shaft with a dial indicator to make sure it is running true. You may have other damage as it stopped the engine. A test run should help in determining that.
  • Aqua_AuraAqua_Aura Lower Columbia River, WashingtonMember Posts: 2,107 ✭✭✭✭
    Depending on your insurance this may be covered as a collision. May want to look into that and get a mechanic to check it so you can get a claim. 
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    Run I on muffs and a garden hose. Have a friend shift it in and out of gear and see if you can hear where the noise is coming from. Look close for cracks or oil leaking. It may be something simple but could still require having someone pull the drive to check.
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  • maxwellmaxwell wisconsinMember Posts: 59
    Thanks for the advice guys..its  going in storage now, but they said they would look for chips of metal in the lower unit when they change the fluid..I am having the marina do the winterizing this year.I am not sure it stopped the engine..It could have..but then again, I shut it down..as soon as i heard  the second wallop...but the 
    log could have indeed  stopped it...I fear  I may have not been fast enough..

    It was a nightmare..everyone yelling ,thinking were going to sink..!
    It could be covered by insurance??..Wow!..
    That would be great..I have state Farm..although...on second thought...
    hail damage just gave us a new roof and siding..on the house...last year and really ,I'm kind of worried of them dropping us,if a claim was submitted,for this..I was also rear ended 2 years ago by a kid..too many claims???
    No oil leaks,but there is that  huge deep scratch on the stainless double prop that was not there before..and of course that tinging...ting...ting,,,when I put it in drive.Only when it is in drive though.
    now I am regretting not putting it up on  plane... before I took it in..
    good advice about the ears...
    I will do that..next year..for sure
  • davidbrooksdavidbrooks GermantownMember Posts: 1,079 ✭✭✭
    The insurance that was mentioned would be a specific policy on your boat if you did that.  Wouldnt be coverend under your car or home insurance.  Not everyone has boat insurance but if you did a big chunk could be covered.  Just a chunk though.  Once you pay the deductible they then give you a percentage of the repair based on how old it is.  I had a pretty bad issue a few years back where i hit something submerged.  They ended up paying about a 1/3 of the total bill when all was said and done.
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  • LaReaLaRea Alexandria VirginiaMember Posts: 6,409 ✭✭✭✭✭
    State Farm will not ding you for excess claims on different policies.  Three claims on the home in three years, they will drop you.  The boat is a separate matter.  
  • maxwellmaxwell wisconsinMember Posts: 59
    good to know..thanks guys!
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