2008 276BR amp mount location

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I found the amp located under the sink on starboard side. it appears to be screwed into the fiberglass hull which freaked me out and went to check to see if any screws penetrated all the way thru, thought previous owner may have screwed up and I didnt catch it at time of purchase, but no screws penetrated to outside of hull.  anyhow how thick is the hull? appears to be at least 1 inch long screws that were used for factory amp mounting.the amp was bad and want to replace it but honestly its freaking me out being screwed to the hull, is there any wood there for these screws to bite into? pure fiberglass?  how thick is the hull at this location? Did rinker fiberglass a piece of wood to the hull for mounting the amp?  Dont want to take any chances on this. any help or knowledge would be appreciated.

Also is there supposed to be a penel that covers the amp and wiring under the sink? when you open storage door under sink can see straight thru to hull and amps is this normal?


  • LaReaLaRea Alexandria VirginiaMember Posts: 6,409 ✭✭✭✭✭
    If it's a factory install, it has a section of plywood glassed into the hull as a mounting plate.  Likely 3/4" plywood covered by a thin layer of fiberglass.  Same thing in several places in the engine room for the battery charger and other components.  
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    Mine had the same install and no issues. I replaced the amp and used the same length screws so I knew it would be fine. I got creative and wired up a laptop cooler to the amp, as mine started to go into protect mode on really hot days. Not sure you've had the same issue.
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    Our 276 did have a panel at the back of the cabinet. It was a bugger to remove the panel….maybe previous owner left it out for servicing the amps.

    Good to be open for air circulation tho.

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