Annapolis Power Boat Show

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I try to go to the boat show every year.  Mostly to look at things i cant afford but also for the pit beef sandwiches and orange crushes.  This year was interesting in that it was definitely a different mix.  So last year was cancelled due to COVID and this year had very few luxury yachts.  Not that they didn't send their best...they just didn't come.  Ego Alley is normally wall to wall boats and this year it was actually noticeably sparse.  I talked to a few folks and i believe the general consensus was that so many had waiting lists for new boats that is so long they just don't want to spend the extra money on marketing events like this.  One thing was definite.  I hope you are ready to get used to outboards.  Two years ago it was obvious the industry was heading that way but there were still nice cruisers in the 30-42 ft range that were inboard.  Not anymore.  I didn't see one boat that was under 42 ft with an inboard.  (The Electric boat doesn't count).  I went aboard one Tiara that was gorgeous at $1.3M with  2-12 Cyl outboards on it.  Really interesting layout that made me think.  Can't afford it but it was still cool. 

I was there to also specifically get a few questions answered.  1) Boat lifts are actually cheaper than i thought they were and the cost of the wood and electricity almost match the cost of the equipment. 2) I need a maint float and found an inflatable 8ft x7ft platform that could also be used when anchored out for entertaining so i think i am going to do that vs building a floating platform. 3) There is a new company to consider vs seadek and other similar brands.  At some point i am going to get a quote from Aquatraction.  It more durable, stain and nick resistant.  Crossed-Linked PE vs EVA Foam which is  what all the others use.  The guy comes out scans the boat, sends off the scan to the manufacturer to fits it into their cad program and sends pieces that literally are stuck down.  A pressure roller keeps them in place and you are good to go.  

In previous years you used to have to take a water taxi over to a separate area for used boats.  This year it was all together.  There was actually an old 70+ ft wooden boat for sale that could of been a liveaboard for $75K.  
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    It's always nice to see new boats that one can't afford. :-)

    Did you get any pics of some those boats?

    Took a look at the AquaTraction site. It seems to me that the AquaTraction is identical to MarineMat. Would be nice if they had a head-to-head comparison of the two to show any differences/benefits.
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    Thanks for the review.  I didn't attend, but I know this:  a lot of the boats you saw were customer boats that dealers borrowed so they'd have something to show!  
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    @TonyG13 No i didn't take any photos.  To be honest there just weren't that many that awed me.  Ton of fishing boats, Center consoles galore.  Loved the Hacker Craft.  Think old wooden cris craft.  But most of the rest of what i saw was just ok. i would love to see some form of comparison on the flooring also.  The difference for me was feeling it.  It wasn't as spongy.  I had a conversation with the guy about how well oil and blood cleans up on it. I tend to always leave some evidence when i do engine work.  He outfits a lot of fishing boats in OC and said that he has gotten nothing but rave reviews.   @Larea yes.  They didn't offer up that info but you could tell the boat had a few hrs on it.  They would conveniently put "sold no boarding signs" on a lot of them.  

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    Great review David!  It does not surprise me either.  I had been interested in the used area they have had but didn't want to deal with going over there.  That's nice it is combined closer now.  I did not go this year, instead I enjoyed the boat and a big dock party we threw together (with a band).  I did see some action at the Fleming dealer in a nearby marina.  Looked like they were taking out possible future clients.

    As for a swim platform, I have the one made by accudock

    It works very well for me around my boat on its lift.  It is a very sturdy dock, allowing me to use my buffer for waxing as well as changing the gear lube each year.  I'd love to see pictures of the inflatable one.  I'm guessing it is similar to the high pressure stand up boards.  That would definitely weigh less and be easier to move around than what I have, but I haven't really found a need to use it except at my dock, so it gets left in the water. Every now and then (every few years) I'll use the boat lift to get it out of the water to hit the bottom with a pressure washer.  & boat lifts, not sure I could do without one!

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    @Dream_Inn i was going to make one.  I calculated it would cost me about $600.  4 2ft by 4 ft plastic floats under a deck.  This is going to be $800 but a little more use.  Well at least that was the thought.  It is the Pop up Dock. 
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    The one Tiera i went on had 3-12 cyl engines on it.  I couldn't help my self but think of the cost to replace spark plugs and wires....then it hit me that is probably not something that someone who can afford a $1.3M boat worries about.  So i went over and looked at sunglasses.
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