Are my bravo 3 props aligned correctly

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I have had my boat 2008 Rinker 260EC w/ 350 MPI and bravo 3 leg 2.20.1 ratio, a short period time and I have found it not hitting wide open throttle. The last time i had the boat empty when I bought it I held it WOT and no alarm came up, but remember about 5700rpm and almost 40-43MPH.
When I purchased the boat from a marine dealer I had new plugs and wires installed, fresh oils were done as well as an inspection.
Now that I have loaded the boat with gear, 60 liters water, 300 liters fuel, beer and gear, food etc. It has taken at least 30 seconds to come on plane and one time it didn't want to plane and didn't feel like it was going to full throttle either. I had to turn across wind to come to get it to plane.
So this last weekend, I gave her a good run at a steady speed 27mph and held it at 4400-4600rpm for 1hr50min and traveled approx 47miles down the lake. When I stopped my gauge said I burned 3/4 of a tank so I have a few questions.
Are my props aligned?
When I'm trying to slow down to a slow plane at 23mph the rpms slowly drop off and the a$$ end drops off plane?
- even with trim tabs down and it starts to push water and me trimming the leg up a bit too.
If anyone can help as I haven't had a boat this large before with some mariner tricks of the trade.

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    Prop misalignment hurts performance, but probably not enough to keep you from planing properly.  See this discussion on prop alignment:

    When launching:  trim the leg all the way down, tabs all the way down, go smoothly to full throttle.  After you are up, reduce throttle and bring the tabs up, then adjust tabs and trim as needed.

    The problems you are describing sound more like bottom fouling.
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    LaRea, thanks for the link very insightful.
    My boat comes out of the water and trailered, the only place there is a bit of left over fouling is in the middle of the haul under about a 12" wide where they didn't spray it off as its between the bunks on the trailer.
    Since it the end of the season now and the boat is out of the water, I'll refer to your link and check one more time to see if these are timed and go from there.

    Another quick question? Have you experienced your boat burn oil and is it usual with to be below the add line after 50 hours of use?
    My boat now has 865hrs on her and runs merc synthetic oil, when should a person rebuild engine?
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    IMO prop alignment is crap and does not exist. I sent an email to Merc and this was their responce.
    There is no special timing of the props. Service manuals for engines and drives are available from local dealers or by calling our Publications Department at 920-929-5040, option #4. Have your serial number ready when ordering.
    MerCruiser Consumer Support

    My mechanic is a certified MerCruiser tech and he has never heard of "alignment or timing" either......... Just say'n 
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    My 5.7 L Mercruiser with about 500 hours on it used to burn about a quarter to half of a litre/quart later in the season putting the level just above the add line. Mechanic told me it was normal and it never affected anything. I'd just top it up and we'd always change the oil every fall anyway. IMO always change in fall so any contaminants aren't sitting in the crankcase all winter.
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    Rebuilds don't go strictly by engine hours.  It depends on how the engine was used and maintained.  Get somebody to run a compression check and read the plugs.  Most major problems will show up in those tests.  
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    Comparing how the boat behaved fairly empty to full tanks, gear and people isnt a fair comparison.  You basically added a few thousand pounds and depending on where all that gear is will have a big impact.  Small things can add up.  I cant stay on plane below 22-23 mph and at 30 mph i am at 3800 rpm.  If you are burning oil and it isnt leaking out then the first thing i would do is take a peak at your spark plugs.  See if they are getting fouled.  IF they are then you may have some worn rings or valves.  While you have them out check your compression.  As for when is it time for a rebuild or repower.  For me it is a) motor doesnt run b) win the lottery c) the admiral says i can get a sugar momma to fund my hobbies.
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    I had new plugs put in before i bought it and they also did a compression check too! they said it was between 140-160.
    I will have to check the plugs and see what they are doing and do you have anything to add about what i should look for as I have only checked plugs in my sled, golden broken was good from what i remember
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    The thread that Pat310 posted is a great place.  I would just look for anything obvious.  As in "which one doesn't look like the other".  For instance if you have one plug that looks dark and the others don't that could indicate an issue with that cylinder. It just a check to help narrow down what is going on.
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