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Pat310Pat310 Member Posts: 517 ✭✭✭
Has anyone changed from plain trim tab switches to the LED ones?

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  • davidbrooksdavidbrooks Member Posts: 1,319 ✭✭✭✭
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    I don't think they sell just the switch anymore. When you replace it you're going to end up replacing the entire actuator control that's all integrated into the switch.
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  • richtaylor1971richtaylor1971 Member Posts: 10
    I Replaced my faulty Lenco LED switch with a new one, as I thought i'd be good to see which is up etc..but in reality, i just go by feel of the boat as one tab could be all up, the other all down..so a watse of money in my eyes..

  • alex8q4alex8q4 Member Posts: 43 ✭✭
    Of four boats, this is my second to have the led indicators and I really appreciate them.  Sometimes there is a lot going on between wind waves and navigating… being reminded where my tabs are is always welcome.  I guess the value of the indicators depends on the type of boating you do.

    Now if I can just remember to properly adjust my trim indicators this coming spring I’ll be a happy man.
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  • Pat310Pat310 Member Posts: 517 ✭✭✭
    Thanks all. Don’t use them to get on plane. Just side to side balancing and on the occasional rough day to stay on plane below 23 mph. Just thought if easy swap it would be nice to have
  • davidbrooksdavidbrooks Member Posts: 1,319 ✭✭✭✭
    It is a pretty easy swap.
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