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Hi,  I am new to the club but I look forward to learning and sharing.  My Wife and I just purchased a 2005 Rinker FiestaVee I/O. we are learning the ins and outs but have encountered a strange problem. The electrics work with the exception of the galley pump and several power outlets.  All other systems, including A/C, lights, fridge, microwave, work, both with generator as well as shore power? All breakers on main power panel are on. Am I not seeing another breaker somewhere or is there another problem?  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Frank M.


  • bella-vitabella-vita Member Posts: 411 ✭✭✭
    You may have to reset your gfi on the outlet it self . The plugs are linked together 
    2002 Rinker FV 342
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    OK, first things first.  You have two power systems:  DC power (stuff that runs from a battery) and AC power (shore power and generator).  The galley pump and lights are on DC power.  The air conditioner and microwave are on AC power.  The fridges run on both.  

    For 120V AC outlets, look for a GFCI reset button as @bella-vita said.  

    If you fix that, it won't affect the galley pump.  Those pumps often fail after 2-3 years.  Does the pump do anything at all?  Does it get hot?  
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