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Has anyone have the "1 Stick" function on the DTS stop working, The yellow light comes on when the button is pushed, but the light does not go red to indicate the syncing of the engines. The engines will sync up with the dual throttles at a higher rpm.  350 with twin 5.7s/B3 out drives.  Thanks


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    I haven't seen that problem. 

    To be honest, it seems like a useless function.  DTS will sync the engines automatically, so the button-pushing needed for 1-stick operation seems like wasted effort.  I just grab both throttle handles and go.  

    Did it stop working suddenly, or was it always that way - like a programming issue?
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    I have DTS and love the single lever function. There is no red light. When you engage the system by pressing the button, the yellow/amber light comes on and it's activated. That's all there is to it. Press again to turn off/deactivate.

    Here are the instructions from the manual:


    The Axius system features the ability to command both engines with a single lever. This feature simplifies engine management during rough sea conditions by allowing you to grasp a single lever to command both engines simultaneously.

    To engage 1 (single) lever mode:

    1. Place both ERC levers in neutral.
    2. Press the "1 LEVER" button located on the DTS Trackpad attached to the ERC levers.
    3. The "1 LEVER" button lights.
    4. Place the starboard ERC lever into gear.
    5. The engine RPM raises and lowers simultaneously while the transmissions remain in the same gear.

    To disengage 1 (single) lever mode:

    1. Place both ERC levers in neutral.
    2. Press the "1 LEVER" button. The "1 LEVER" button light turns off.

    The Axius system features Sync, an automatic engine synchronization feature, which engages automatically at key‑up. Sync monitors the position of both levers. If both levers are within 10% of one another, the port engine synchronizes to the starboard engine's RPM. The smartcraft system will automatically disengage Sync at the last 10% of lever range to allow each engine the ability to reach maximum available RPM. Sync cannot engage until its minimum RPM is met.
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    Also to clarify - when you push the button and activate the system (light on) - it syncs with the PORT lever. Pushing the starboard lever will have no affect at all on throttle functions.
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    The 1 Stick was working earlier this season (2021), then stopped working sometime in September. The boat is in storage for the winter. I don't recall having to move the starboard control out of neutral.
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    That's the issue with fly-by-wire systems. You will probably need to wait until you are back in the water to troubleshoot - unless you can find a Mercruiser tech who could do it land-based. Even once it's back in the water, you may need them to solve the problem.
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    edited December 2021
    Love the DTS on our boat. Works well with no issues. Engine sync is awesome.
    One lever works great - also like the combined trim/tilt feature.

    Really nice when someone else is piloting the boat & they are used to single lever controls. (ie: wife while I'm having a squirt in the head)

    @bandk double check with the DTS may have inadvertently changed some control settings. That is when the red lights show up.
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