Rinker custom Guest battery switch with 2 knobs and built in breaker panel

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I plan on ringing out the lines this March before reinstalling my 4 battery banks (bow thrust has its own). The boat has been ours for only a year. Wiring around the batteries is atrocious. I’m finally catching up and figure out that area while I have the advantage of dead cables. 

I have a few questions:
1. Left knob turned to the left connects one of two starter batteries and right knob to the left I assume connects
to the other starter battery?
2. Two middle switches connect to the 2 battery house?
3. Anyone have a manual for this switch, given it seems to be a custom Guest/Rinker venture?
4. I’m replacing the isolator with the ProIsoCharge btw, but other posts reference that along with pros and cons. Still, it matters which battery is associated with a specific alternator on that isolator, making it important I get the wiring right. 

Dan of Steel
'05 Rinker 360 Fiesta Vee


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