Performance help with a 2004 342

I'm thinking of buying a 2004 Fiesta Vee 342 and took it for a sea trial.  The performance was less than I expected.  It has twin Volvo DP 5.7 liter Gi-e engines(280hp).  The boat came on plane quickly and nicely.  I was surprised that comfortable cruise was at 4000rpm and pushing 25-26mph.  I though it would be slightly faster than that with lower rpm's.  If fact, the boat stated to loose plane at 3600rpm and I thought that cruise would be at 3600-3700 but wasn't.  At WOT I saw 4600 rpm and 34 mph.  Again, I thought that both of these would be higher.  We were in fresh water with 1 to 1.5 waves.  We never trimmed the engines up at all.  The broker representing the boat said not do this on these size boats- its too **** the hydraulics and too much stress on things.  Are these results correct?  If not, What should it be?


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