For Sale NEW Sunbrella Covermate Winter Boat Cover 1999-2002 FV 310 (Black)

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I bought a Sunbrella winter cover last year in 2021 for my 2002 FV310, I never used it other than a test fit which it passed.  What happened is that I bought it without thinking that my winter boatyard would have a problem with it.  They do not install it and of course do not allow any owners to do work on there premise which this falls into 'work'.  I could move boatyards maybe, but decided to see if anyone is interested in making an offer?   

I paid less than what it goes for right now on Overtons (everything has gone up). Right now they want over $1500 for it.  As far as quality, I think its a great product and seems like it would hold up many years and pay for itself in just a few seasons.  My yard charges me about $600 to shrink so my thought was 2 seasons and its paid.  They say it has a 10 year warranty and I could certainly see it lasting.   Feels thick and its absolutely a heavier gauge than my canvas and the mooring cover I have from Ameritex (OEM).  I doubt its as good as a custom made Fisher or the like but its also no where near as expensive.  

My plan was to build a structure for it as well, same as a shrink wrap it needs to be supported especially if you are in an snowy climate for winter.  When I test fitted , she fits nice around the arch - it does not go over the arch instead it wraps around the base and is more like a mooring cover in the cockpit area.  It comes with straps too which hold it nice and tight.  There are a bunch of straps , more than sufficient. 

If you want to look it up on it is part # 352371_BLCK.  Note that the description says it fits a 1999-2001 FV310 however the 2002 is the same vessel and I had done a bunch of research on that prior to purchasing.  Also , no issues with my actual test fit on my 2002 FV 310.  I have the original invoice dated September 2021 as well. 

If this is of interest make me an offer.  PM is best because of notifications. I'm not sure its even worth parting with it but would depend on the market value set by anyone interested.   One day I might move to a self work boatyard and can keep this in my attic.         
2002 Rinker 310
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