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I sold my house and found a fixer upper on the water.  The house is was a custom home built in 1995 and it is top quality but has not had any attention at all since it was built.  So it is gonna take work.  But i am on the water.  i just cant wait to have my boat there right off my own property.   I also get two additional boats.  Well, I gave the former owner 30 days to sell or move the boats.  If they aren't gone by July 17 they are mine.  No paperwork though.  The husband was an avid sailboat racer and died a few years ago.  The wife isn't very mobile anymore and the daughters... well that is another story.  The one daughter i met is named Karen.  I will just say that sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason.

One boat is a 42 ft tri hull catamaran.  A Condor40.  Only 21 ever made.  It is floating but in really rough shape.  The other is a small 19 ft center console, with a Yamaha outboard and Loadrite trailer.  It hasn't moved since 2006. @Dream_Inn
 i am going to be just off the mouth of the River.  Technically it is called Fishing Creek.  It opens up into the Chesapeake immediately West of the Thomas Point lighthouse.  To say i am a little excited is an understatement.  This represents coming back full circle for me and a dream.@dream
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    looks like a beautiful yard 
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    Thanks. It will be when I'm done with it. Right now the backyard is about 50% gravel. He actually had it as a huge parking lot and driveway back there
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    Congrats on the new house. Looks awesome
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    That's awesome, you will stay there the rest of you life. congratulations. I bet that old sail boat has value.
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    A fine looking waterfront lot. I would definitely  like to be able to "run out the clock" living on a property like that.  Enjoy!
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    so that radar can't tell you what is directly infront of you.. right? 
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    @davidbrooks I’m a little jealous!! Good luck 👍🏻
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    Getting paperwork on boats abandoned on your property won't be an issue.  Will cost you a few bucks but in my experience the government would rather collect taxes on an item rather than have it litter up our water ways.  

    Both those vessels would be worth some cash, especially that sailboat!   
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    Very nice!  I know the exact property.  I've anchored in there a couple times near the coast guard station.  I've also drove up to the Thomas point park in there a few times (mainly for Easter sunrise service).  Very nice area, hopefully your lot of land is higher than your neighbors.  I love that center console!  It was what I was looking for when I finally bought the Grady White last week.  That will be a great spot to keep your boat with easy access right into the bay!  You are basically right on the other side of the river from where I keep my boat (South River marina).  We'll have to catch up on the water!

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    The place has so much potential.  I talked to the neighbors to see what happened during Isabel and the water didn't reach the house.  They finished their basement but i am going to use mine as a shop.  The house is a custom home built in 1995 by Deck Houses out of Maine.  I got in touch with them and they have been amazing.  I can actually order spare parts from them.  Who would of thought?  I have some rotted door sills to replace and sliding glass doors to rebuild.  The cost of the parts is $3k.  New doors would of been close to $50k so i am very happy.  As for the boats.  I would love to get some money out of them to pay for a new dock.  But they are projects.  There just aren't a lot of buyers out there looking for project boats.
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    The sailboat is a true blue water capable cruiser and center consoles practically sell them selves.  Let me know a price on the center console (I can't haul or store a sailboat). As I may be able to find a buyer for you pretty quickly even with no paperwork.  
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    @PickleRick let's talk July 18. That is when their time runs out and they are officially mine. I need to see if the hubs are locked up on the trailer and if the engine will even crank. I am not touching them till then. 
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    Amazing! Congrats! I can't afford water front in FL and around here it's hard to miss waterfront...awesome!
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    since they've been there so long might as well wait to get all the paperwork on them and then make the decision 
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