2007 Rinker Captiva 296BR - Exterior Vent Covers on Aft Boat corners - port and starboard top side

dpkoppydpkoppy Member Posts: 2
Seeking the black color black plastic/fiberglass vent covers for my 2007 Rinker Captiva 296.   Last weekend another boat sideswiped me in the marina slip and broke my starboard vent cover in half.    I have digital pics of these for both port and starboard sides.  Will pay shipping from anywhere in the USA or Canada.  I've also heard that a Captiva 282 vent covers are the same size.  Desperately seeking any dealer that may have a set of these collecting dust in their backroom.  Already checked with Great Lakes Skipper if they had any.  No luck.  They had purchased over 200 pallets of spare parts from Rinker when they closed up.   I'd also consider used vent covers from a boat used for parts that may be salvaged.   Ideas? Suggestions?  Thanks.  Doug K.
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