Ice maker Uline - repair or replace (by another ice maker or a fridge)

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Our ice maker on our 2006 390 stopped making ice and although we can hear it functioning/working but it does not become cold.

We are in Gatineau (Quebec) juste beside ottawa at the marina of hull. We are looking for someone that could repair this one.

if not we might replace either by another ice maker or potentially a fridge.  Anyone would know what size and where to look for it.

Thanks to all the captains on this site and hope everyone is enjoying summer.


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    Probably just needs to be charged with refrigerant. Any refrigeration company should be able to do that for you, or your marina can coordinate for a small markup. 

    If there’s a leak, which is likely as it’s almost 20 years old, you are probably better off replacing it with a fridge. It looks like there’s lots of room to the right of the ice maker. Is there anything in that hollow space? It looks like you could install a CRX80 in there!!  :wink:

    I replaced my uline ice maker with the CRX80 as they were the same height. 

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    You can try refrigerant or get it pressure tested.  There are direct replacements for it as well.  It depends on what you want.  There is tons of open space around it to do what you want.  I have an access panel next to it that is great space.

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    Ok we thought about it and we would like to replace our uline ice maker with a fridge in the cockpit. On the right of the ice maker we have a water sink so we have to be carefull that it is almost the size of the ice maker so it can fit.  We want a fridge with a freezer and want to have it work when we are at the marina connected or 12v. Suggestions of model welcome . Thanks everyome
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