Mercruiser 350's starboard sync slow

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While out this weekend, the starboard sync alarm was going off. Both throttles were at the same positioning and the RPM's where matched as well. The throttle on the starboard has always been much tougher to get into gear and maneuver (very tight). Could it be an issue with the throttle cable? I also just had the impeller on the water pump replaced on the port side. Don't know if that could cause any issue. Thanks for the help!


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    Easy to diagnose if the throttle cable is nearing the end of its life. Just disconnect it from the throttle body and test. It should work without binding. 

    For the shift cable, you need to determine if it’s the cable from the binnacle to the engine or engine to outdrive. Same process, just disconnect and test. 
    2008 350 EC on Georgian Bay
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