Gas spilling back out on my starboard

pilawampilawam Member Posts: 48
On my 05 320FV, the starboard side i always gets gas spilling back out when at the marina pump. Had the marina stick the air compressor in the gas vent to blow out any webs and nests. Sometimes it does the trick , but goes back to the same old issue. I notice the other day that I was slowly pumping gas into the starboard side and started to come back out and then a hear a whoosing sound and some gas pushed back out but then I was able to start pumping gas much better into that side . Almost like a vapor lock , I also notice that my fuel gauge changed too . What else can it be or just need to blow more air in the vent?


  • LaReaLaRea Member Posts: 7,345 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Check the hose that runs from the fill fitting down to the tank.  It should not have a dip in the middle.  It should run at a constant slope down to the tank.  
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    Same with the vent line, you don’t want any dips in it.
    2008 330EC
  • pilawampilawam Member Posts: 48
    Thanks, but what do I use to check for dips? Use a small rubber tubing and then run in down the line?

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    Visual inspection.  Go into the engine room, find the inside of the fill fitting, and trace the hose down to the fuel tank.  If there's a big sag in the middle, look for a better way to support it (such as zip ties).  
  • pilawampilawam Member Posts: 48
    OK will take a look at it
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    I don't know how bad spiders are in your area but in our area in less than a week spiders can reclog a vent..  I keep a bit of sponge material in all my vent ports to keep them out.

    Takes more than compressed air to get out a dried nest.  You're stuck using something metal to break it up.  Again, based on location. I suppose dried sand is much easier to clean out than dried clay, it's like concrete.  

  • pilawampilawam Member Posts: 48
    Yes spiders are bad in CNY and at our marina. I am constantly getting rid of webs off the boat and spraying . I am going to look at the fuel line for any dips and use compressed air again if no dips. Last year we had to do it three times and third time did it. Its wierd, only starboard side has the issue, never had any issues with the portside. 

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