Faria Gauges

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Probably one of the top 10 topics on most boating forums......

Countless complaints about tachometers and sticking needles, inaccurate readings, etc.  The common answer is always to send the tach back to Faria for repair as they are warrantied for life.  In my case, the tach was off by 1,000 rpm at WOT of 5,800 rpm so it was reading close to 7,000 rpm.  No amount of "tapping" helped.

When looking at potentially getting a new one from Great Lakes Skipper, I closely looked at the photo of the rear of the tach.  Low and behold, I saw a small hole near the outer edge which is usually covered up by the rear retainer bracket. The hole gives access to a trim pot!  I verified mine had a hole and pot as well.  Setting the idle speed to 2,000 rpm with the Rinda Techmate, I adjusted the trim pot with a Torx T6 bit.  Once the reading agreed with the scan tool, all was good!  5,800 rpm WOT right on spec. 

No need to return to Faria or put up with bad readings.  I have never run across the mention of a fine adjustment on the back.  A deep dive into some online manuals does briefly mention it if you know what you're looking for. 

Good,  fast,  cheap.... pick two. 
2019 MTX20 Extreme


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