Fuel Injector Question


  • tricountytrailtricountytrail Member Posts: 75
    Found the Pintel cap on top of intake on cylinder #4 got it out wonder how long its been off?

  • tricountytrailtricountytrail Member Posts: 75
    Got injectors back flow tested fine, reinstalled on rail now to get the back in boat for test. Also ohmed out injectors to harness.

  • tricountytrailtricountytrail Member Posts: 75
    twin 496 mags bravo 3s

    WOT Port 4500rpm Starboard 4900rpm 35.3MPH
    Loaded 4 people full tanks and tools
    Total fuel 183 gal @ $6.60 = $1205.97 Port 99 Gallons Starboard 84 Gallons
    the port engine also lacks power at cruise port needs more throttle. New plugs and wires new filters fresh non ethanol fuel. After Labor Day I'll be checking fuel rail pressure, if they look good I will probably have to do a compression test. if they are off I will pull regulator and injectors on port engine.

    Fuel Pump pressures Port 40 psi-start 1 min-34psi 2 min-34psi Starboard 45 psi-start 1 min-37psi 2 min-36psi 38-40psi running
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