Bilge pump sticking on

Hey all,

Seems like every time I get back from a boat outing my bilge pump gets stuck on. I have to shake it and turn it up side down a few times before it stops.

Anyone know any solution for this or do I need a new bilge pump?


2013 290 ec - Volvo Penta D4/DP


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    Black_DiamondBlack_Diamond Member Posts: 5,439 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Sounds like it is gummed up.  Unless it is made to run dry, it will burn up and stop working altogether.  You can try cleaning it out, but just as easy to replace if it is messing up, you want it to work when it needs to!

    Past owner of a 2003 342FV
    PC BYC, Holland, MI
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