2004 342 gauge repair

I have a couple gauges that i need repaired or replaced on my 342, The port side tac  and the cluster gauge for the other side didnt work when i bought the boat. is there a way to have these repaired?  


  • GrahamuGrahamu Member Posts: 849 ✭✭✭
    On my 342 FV they are Faria guages and the company does have a repair service. I have never used it so can't comment on the quality.
  • Pat310Pat310 Member Posts: 517 ✭✭✭
    I would start here. I have never used them either
  • MH342MH342 Member Posts: 51 ✭✭
    There are also a few tricks to revive dead gauges.  1) check/ tighten connections and make sure you don’t have a bad ground. 2) on the back of the tach, run the cylinder selector switch back and forth a few times. 3) take a strong magnet and trace the bezel with it.  You should see the needle move. This can help free a sticky gauge. Just keep running the needle up and down the range with the magnet. I typically do this at the start of each season and it keeps things moving well. If the magnet moves freely it’s probably electrical. If it’s intermittent then it’s sticky and it needs to be exercised. If it doesn’t move all all then refurb/replace is probably your only option.  The magnet trick should work for just about every gauge.
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