You know you're having a bad day when......

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    The prop scars down the side are outrageously impressive. That cop needs a boater safety course..... and reassignment to parking lot duty. A completely inappropriate full throttle turn right at a crowded boat dock, AND left the scene...only to return and tell the guy to calm down because he wasn't injured... really!!?? wth. Their own dept is doing the investigation?? A higher standard is expected. BoatUS will certainly have a report for the claim. Should be interesting.

    Luckily the guy didn't have guests or children down below and nobody was killed. Scary close call.

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    Here in the DC area, this accident is the talk of the docks.  

    I'm guessing he somehow accidentally went to wide-open throttle (fell onto the throttle or whatever).  If that's what happened, I'm actually impressed with his skill at getting the boat turned in time to avoid going airborne into the lunch crowd. It could have been a real disaster.

    In my experience, DC Harbor Patrol officers are all solid professionals who spend a lot of time on the water and know how to handle their boats.  The operator of the the damaged boat had the nerve to suggest that the officer might have been showing off for the crowd.  No way -- absolutely no way.  

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    That will buff right out.  lol 

    Fortunate no one was hurt though.  Until you see a prop damaged hull, I think most people underestimate the danger.  We had a 14 y/o running a big twin mastercraft and turned/hit his friends on a seadoo.  I saw the boat and the seadoo on shore weeks later with the police laying out the accident, the seadoo had slices in it from the aft right up over the steering column.  Looked like a hot knife in butter with the cuts.

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    The cop was a real a$$. He made a move like that and then yells at the guy to calm down...Really????? Are you F'n kidding me. He should have went in and said sorry this is what happened if it was a mistake. 
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    My neck of the waters. So much so, I was there. The officers are generally polite, but they hot rod around like they are above the law. I'm not saying the shot out wasn't an accident, but I will say they do it just like that every single time they're responding to a call. As if waiting an extra 15 seconds to move away from the stopped boats would mean someone's life. Very annoying to those of us tied up there. It's no-wake all through there.

    I hope there will be a policy change for them. The fire and rescue leave from further down the river, usually closer to the incident. To me, they're the ones that need to giddy up.
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