2001 31 EC New Cushions

Where can I find factory replacements for the seat cushions.  We had a local upholstery shop repair ours and did a poor job.  Would like new ones...


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    Sorry for your experience. Unfortunately with Rinker out of business, no such thing anymore as "official" factory replacements with upholstery.

    Your best bet is to ask around your marina and see if you can find someone who can recommend a local upholstery shop that could do better by you than the one you picked. Your bio doesn't give a location, but unless you are really way out in the boondocks you should have at least a couple of choices locally.

    There is also a company online that you send in your covers and they use them as templates for new covers. Someone else will chime in with the name, but they're supposed to be pretty good. They have step-by-step DIY instructions and everything.
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    I believe the company, or at least one of then, is called copycat upolstry located in florida. Art is the owners name. Would have been a great idea before as the only pattern they would have to go by would not be right.
    I used him and redid our 270. Since he is close to me I took all our parts and pieces so he could recover. Also, my carpet needed updated and I did not want to go with decking but it was in good enough condition to make a pattern.

    So the results-
    Helm is nearly perfect. Only problem is the part that flips up is a little mis shaped but really was pleased.  The seating at the stern was also perfect, everything fit like oem, very nice.

    The other seating around the helm went off the rail a bit- he did not use the seating I provided as a pattern- they looked great but when placed I had gaps that looked horrible. The carpet which I would have thought easy was way off.

    Once I had everything on the boat he came out and worked with me to get it right. Would I use him again? Absolutely as the craftsmanship was excellent.  What would I do different? I should have pulled my upolstry off the backing materials and he would have used the pattern material and it would have been perfect...
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