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Test post for new product and reviews. This will be a trial discussion thread for new products and quick reviews. Post the link of a product along with a quick review. Give the product a grade A,B,C,F. NO DISCUSSION as we want this to be a quick reference thread. 
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    Product:  ProMariner ProIsoCharge battery isolator
    Grade:  F
    This product's goal is to be a smart zero-loss battery isolator.  Zero loss means the batteries receive full voltage, instead of losing 0.7 volts as they would with a conventional diode isolator.  Smart means it will prioritize the starter battery over the house battery when both batteries are low.  
    I used a ProIsoCharge for 2.5 years.  Within a few months, it developed a problem with "relay chatter" that disabled all charging.  The company provided a small external circuit board for me to bolt onto the terminals.  It worked, then failed.  Under warranty, they provided a new unit with the circuitry already built in.  That unit eventually failed.
    I removed the ProIsoCharge and installed automatic charge relays.  I lost the smarts, but gained reliability. 
    Bottom line: 
    I wanted this good idea to work.  It didn't.
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    Progressive Automations for engine hatch lifts or any other lifts. You can find them on Amazon and they are based just north of me around the Seattle WA area. I spent about $160 for the lift on my 280 which was much more reasonable then the other brands I saw for about $500.

    PM me if you have any questions. 

    1997 Bayliner 3988
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