2002 192 Captiva Listing to the left.

This is my first boat ever and I am having troubles with trimming out the boat. I am able to get the bow down without porpoising but I have a moderate to slight list (lean) to the left slightly before the boat gets on a plane and while planing. In an attempt to correct this I have bought a pair of Nautics Smart Trim tabs to correct them. They are set to arrive at my house in a few days but wanted to get a few opinions on these on the guys that have installed and ran them. I know they arent as good at the hydraulic/electric ones that run $500, nore do I care to hear about them. I am solely looking for guys/gals that have personal experience with smart tabs and if it corrected their listing. Thanks
2002 Captiva 192
Mercruiser 5.0 MPI


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    nhsdnhsd Member Posts: 182 ✭✭✭
    How is the boat loaded when you get this list? In other words, is it just you in the driver's (i.e. left) seat? The 192 is certainly small enough that it will lean a little to the side with the most weight. I have a 212 and even with the extra 2' length and 6" width (I believe), it will lean a bit to the left when I am by myself and to the side of greatest weight when others are on board.


    2002 Captiva 212, 5.0 220 hp, Alpha 1, 1.62 gears

    Moon Township, PA - boating in the Ohio River

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    DanO211DanO211 Member Posts: 8
    It lists to the left when i had 5 other passengers on board. I did my best to distribute the load (people) but I still had a severe left list on hole shot and a slight left list on a plain.
    2002 Captiva 192
    Mercruiser 5.0 MPI
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    V8192V8192 Member Posts: 18 ✭✭

    Mine does the same with smart tabs I've tried shifting weight around and it helps some.

    The thing I have noticed is the wheel is turned slightly to maintain a straight heading during holeshot

    then straightens out at plane so I believe there is some prop steer and there is not a tab on the

    lower unit to adjust it out like my outboard had not sure if it's something that could be installed or not.

    But if the wheel is straight the list is corrected but the boat steers right until on a good plane.

    Just my observation so far.  Same boat '02 192 with 5.0  and smart tabs.

    I have not tried setting the left tab heavier to compensate but it may help.


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    Beach327Beach327 Member Posts: 1
    Have you fixed the problem? I installed the Smart tabs couple years back. Makes a difference but still list. This year I am going to install electric tabs. I love the boat but I am starting to believe that Rinker new about this problem and let it ride hoping it would not be made issue. The biggest issue here is from all the weight being mostly at the AFT of the boat. So when you are taking off and your bow rises this accentuates the problem. Once your on plane and trim out it is not so noticeable.  And if you notice the newer Bow riders under 23 feet do not have a walk thru on them..... Hope this helps .....
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    Michael TMichael T Member Posts: 7,227 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Gentlemen, there should be a pretty extensive discussion of this topic in the archives. I have owned a Rinker 2008 192 and a Rinker 2011 226XL Both had serious lists to starboard. It was even worse when I went out in either boat alone. I solved the problem by using soft sided collapsible water jugs - three 5 gallon ones and filled them with water and put them in the port side. I found this better that deploying one trim tab which slowed the boat. Yes, it meant I carried more weight but otherwise the ride was not good. With the jugs the ride was fine. I did not notice a difference in fuel costs. Some guys have tried other weights (sand bags) but I found I could easily add or subtract water from the jugs to change the ride. A bit of a PITA, but it did work. I have friends who have had other brands (4 winns, Larsons, Regals) that did this too. One of my friends had a a water bladder, meant for wakeboarding, installed so he could manually use the electric pump to alter the weight of water in the bladder. Hope trhis helps. MT
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