Replacing Perko Fuel Fill Ports - has anyone done this?

echandler1971echandler1971 Member Posts: 159 ✭✭

Hello, so after getting close to 30 gallons of water out of my tanks on my 05 360, the culprit being bad gaskets and a known flaw in their flush-mount ports, I have 2 new ones ready to install along with the plastic offset pieces that will allow water to rain-gutter around the face of the port that is otherwise nearly flat on the transom.  My question is, has anyone replaced theirs and were they able to do it from the swim platform alone, or did they have to dislocate body parts to crawl into tight spaces in the engine compartment to loosen the gas and vent hose clamps? My hope is that there's just enough slack to allow someone in the engine bay to hold up on the 2 hoses enough that they and the clamps pop out the transom for an easy swap. Hopefully I explained this well enough. Currently I have tape over the old ports so I don't end up where I started.

Dan of Steel
'05 Rinker 360 Fiesta Vee


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