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Ha! Got your attention. I recovered (aka saw them sticking out of the marina dumpster) and have had them sitting. My horn makes a week nothing 'sound'. They don't check boats around here except for drinking and fish for the most part. Anyway, I tested the horns with my jump box and nothing on either horn. I pulled it apart..looks like a contact that is normally closed I guess until you 12v it? Looks like little to go wrong, how do they work/fail? Oh, by the way there are two" tweeters", odd both failed at the same time...


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    So I cleaned the points on it...aligned the contacts and it seems to be working. I mentioned before my new jump box purchase has some sort of device on the cables that does not like certain circuits and it lights up and beeps at me. I had the cables from my old one and thankfully I kept it. Won't open my hatch with the new . Would not beep the horn but it did make the jump box beep so I assume the horn will work? On to the other one...
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    If you want the horn to work for years, instead of having to clean those points again next season, spray a good contact cleaner on those points.  I use Hosa D5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT 5% Spray Contact Cleaner, 5 oz. : Automotive

    This stuff is great for any contacts on a boat.  I've had the can for years and it will work with just a small squirt.

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     This thread is about big tweeters and now squirt...did I stumble into sailing anarchy this morning?

    My two yr old horns are also acting up, I'm buying some of that thanks @Dream_Inn
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    Yeah, I knew when I said squirt that someone would catch on :smile: .  The stuff is really good though.  I was sanding my points every single year.  I now don't sand at all, just spray (squirt) a little on the points, move them a little bit to get some friction (I guess the first time around you could sand a little then spray).  I just redid mine this summer after 2+ years.  I think each time I tear it apart I drop either one of the nuts or screws in the water.  (Oh, I did it now, friction, nuts, screws...LOL)  The stuff is also good to spray directly on any electrical contacts.  I used it the other day on my son's electrical trailer connections, as it was becoming intermittent.

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    So I put it back together and it will make a horn type noise but I have to tap on it to get it to go so something's still not right any ideas what makes it make the sound
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    A diaphragm horn is a really simple concept.  It is basically a coil and armature that makes it go back and forth.  When you push the button, it makes a magnetic field using the coil inside the core, this will vibrate the diaphragm which makes the noise. As the armature moves, the contacts break (pull apart), which then causes it to lose current, thus nothing pulling on the armature, so the diaphragm goes back.  Then it makes contact again and starts all over.  


    It sounds like it works just a little, which means you are getting the current, at least once,  but if the contacts are not clean, it won't continue.  I believe you need something like the contact spray to use in there to clean them up. 

    here is link that describes this process better than I did
    Horn (

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    Interesting, going to check this out. Mine sounds like a wounded duck.
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    @mbnarney that's what my current one is doing- which I would work on but the PO removed/lost the cover so no point. Sounds like I just need to clean the contacts better. I pulled a piece of sandpaper through it and got some action..will pull apart again...I'll try to clean better but if that does not do it I guess it's throw in the towel time...thanks for the info @Dream_Inn
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    @mbnarney, too funny. My horn failed and a bought a replacement that sounds just like you describe. Not a loud horn at all, wounded duck all the way haha.
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    When my grandkids are on board they like me to hit it for the laughs.  Everyone else asks what the heII!
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    Well I took it back apart and no good...must be some other issue I'll never figure out so pitched it.
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