Learned a lesson! And it did cross my mind before I did it!

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I winterize my water system and generator last week and while I was at it I decided to suck out the engine oil and change filters. One thing, I didn’t buy any oil yet (I had for the generator). Sure enough I can’t find any locally! I ordered some online and I don’t think I’ll receive it in-time before I get pulled out. I picked up some Lucas Marine oil today at Walmart, never seen it before. I could’ve just bought some cheap oil in the meantime but the oil I ordered won’t go to waste. 

Lucas Oil SAE 25W-40 Stern Drive Inboard Marine Oil FC-W/3x1/5 Quart https://a.co/d/1oVeRhm
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    I wouldn't get hung up on 25w40....does Volvo Penta recommend 25w40 on their motors?   Pretty sure crusader recommends 15w40 on identical GM provided motors.  

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    ive been using Rotella T6 15w-40 for many years in my mercs... Can find it anywhere.... usually best price is at wallyworld
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    I like t6 but my motors don't(except the TDI). If you want to find out if you have leaks on an older motor put in the t6.  I stick with the t4 as it keeps the Rover V8 and my vm4.2 from leaking (as much) oil.  

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