No oil pressure

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 Last weekend I was to cruise it over over to the marina to get pulled out and I noticed no oil pressure.After some testing (switched gauges, took out oil filter and turned over engine, new oil filter) I felt it might be the sensor. Since the marina did not have a new one, I gave the original  a couple of taps. Started it up and dash gauge started working again. After talking to the marina I was told there are two sensors, One for the dash and another to shut down engine if internal pressure goes below 18 psi. A lot of worrying for nothing. 


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     18 PSI is high for an engine to be shut down. 4 psi or higher at idle is acceptable for our engines. Glad it wasn’t anything serious for you! 👍🏻⚓️

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    I think it also relates to the RPM at the time the low limit is hit.



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    Yes, on the chart they use 2000 RPM as the reference point (other than idle).
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    I just had the same issue, the alarm made me crap my pants a little.   Everything gauge wise and lube bottle wise was good.  I thought it was my glow plug controller system but it was the oil dummy sensor.   The part number interchanges with the gasser V8 Chevy sensor,   a cheap 10 dollar sensor on eBay 805605A1 was what mine called for.  Winterized today and ran for a good 20 minutes with no alarm after removing the wire for the sensor. 
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