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Those of you that don't have a painted bottom, what do you use to clean the bottom of your hull? I have used acid and slimy grimy with varying degrees of success. Some guys in Pittsburgh have been using a 50/50 mix Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and peroxide, then hose the scum away. It seems to work better than the yearly acid bath. I am considering painting the bottom of my boat because this ritual of scrubbing, pressure washing and acid washing every fall is getting old.
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    Acid I think is the most popular option.

    I agree it gets old. I painted my boat at the beginning of 2012. Now there is no work to do.

    Just haul out, pressure wash, and touch up in April - all takes less than 1 hour.

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    I now have bottom paint on my 400.  On my 310, I used half muratic acid and half water in spray bottle.  Didn't seem to bad & I'm sure was a bit more efficient than paint on the bottom.  I never had to pressure wash.  Just sprayed on, wiped with a long scrub brush and rinse with a hose.  FSR is another option, but that does take time.

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    I used algea bottom cleaner from aurora marine. Two bottles would clean the bottom of my 330 and return it to factory conditions.
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