How did you setup you sound system in your 232??


Just bought a 232 cuddy and what to upgrade the sound system which is only the basic HU with 4 speakers. I'm not new to building sound systems as I did it in my 2 last boats and cars as well. 

I need to fit in 3 amps. They will fit inside that little closet in the cuddy on the port side. I think this might be the driest and best spot to place them. But I don't want to mess up the interior and can't really figure out where to get those wires through inside the closet. I don't want them to be visible. For those who had gone to the same process, can you share with me some of your ideas and tricks? thanks!! 


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    I really struggling as to where get those wires across the bulkhead. any ideas?
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    I've seen some mount amps and other electronic equipment high on the wall by the driver footwell. That seems to be a good spot that is easy to run wires to. Are you using marine grade amps and wire? I plan to mount my audio gear by the driver or passenger footwell over the winter, and add a second large battery with an isolator and battery select switch.

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    I am not sure what year 232 that you have, but on my '98 I mounted the 2 amps and active crossover in the storage area under one of my seats. They are in the back of that storage area, so they are pretty much out of the weather. I have had them there for 12 years and have yet to have a problem. I also used component speakers for the cockpit area. I mounted the tweeters up high, close to the windshield to bring the music "up". It has helped in the way that I don't have to run with the stereo cranked while cruising. I have 2 8" subs under my center rear seat, which used to be a rope/shoe storage bin. My second battery helps a lot when I am on the hook. That way I always have a fresh battery when I am ready to leave.
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