Shrink Wrap Ventilation?

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Hi gang, I have a 2005 250FV and was wondering if I shrink wrap my boat do I need to but vents in the shrink wrap where the engine vents are on the side of the boat (i.e. the 2 vent holes on each side of the boat) or do I need to worry about this?  I understand i should put 3 or 4 vents in the shrink wrap on the top of the cover to vent cockpit but is venting the engine compartment a good idea also?



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    ok I just got my answer from Merc.,



    No. 95-22

    service bulletin


    This is a copy of a Service Bulletin being sent to all boat builders. We wanted to make you aware of the problems that can occur with shrink wrapped boats. If you shrink wrap boats for storage, make sure moisture and condensation can vent out from the engine compart- ment.

    Shrink Wrapping Boats Models

    All MerCruiser Stern Drive, Ski and Inboard Models


    MerCruiser has been getting complaints from dealers about engines in new boats being rusty and/ or covered with droplets of water. Further investigation reveals that the boat was shrink wrapped at the boat company before it was shipped to the dealer.

    Shrink-wrapping a boat is an ideal way to protect it during storage or shipment. However, it can also be the reason the engine is rusty or have droplets of water all over it. Caution must be taken to en- sure that the engine compartment and other areas of the boat under the shrink-wrap are vented properly to get rid of condensation. Failure to do this will result in rusty engines and similar types of failure to other components in the boat.

    Venting the shrink wrap in the cockpit area of the boat is generally not sufficient to ensure proper ventilation of the engine compartment. Shrink-wrap should not cover any of the engine compart- ment vents.


    MerCruiser will not honor any warranty for rusty or damaged engines caused by poor ventilation in shrink wrapped boats. MerCruiser s painting process is designed to withstand the elements an engine is subjected to in a vented, covered engine compartment. It is not designed to withstand a non-vented or improperly vented shrink-wrap that traps all the moisture and condensation.

    Printed in U.S.A.

    95-22 1195 

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    Between them, three marinas in my area have had 7 of the HUGE storage sheds (cement foundations 3 feet high, aluminum trusses covered by a tensioned top) installed with 2 more slated to be built for next summer - for exactly the reasons Al has stated. Never had a boat shrink wrapped, never will. However, I will take a look at the shipping wrap that covers my new 360 when it arrives at the dealer in November to make sure there are vents or breathing room. I think Rinker must know this because there was not a speck of rust on the 350 mags or equipment in the engine bay of my 2013 EC 310.  MT
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    Well, I never had a boat whrink wrapped in the last 14 years.  That said, here in MD, we are very limited on inside storage & to move a 400 to find it, would be a bit crazy. Shrink wrap is $17+/ft.   I've always had a custom made cover that will last for 10-15 years if taken care of.  My boat is kept on a lift, with a cover that has proper ventilation.  You can also raise the hatch just a bit to help circulate air.  I keep one of those large tubs of damp rid in the cokpit area.  I have never had rust in my ER (& I'm anal about all that for sure, heck, I wax my outdrives & touch up the skegs).  You can also use a lubricant on your engines that help with moisture (such as foggin spray).

    Here are pics of my 310 & the 400 (the 400 is fmba's boat, but we had both our cover's made together at the same place - I don't have pics on this computer).


    Dream 'Inn III -- 2008 400 Express

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    Here is the 400 (couldn't post it in the first post)

    Dream 'Inn III -- 2008 400 Express

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    Thanks for the reminder DI I think that cover will go on my to do list for the 360. MT
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    is fogging spray the best stuff to spray on the engine or is WD40 or something else better to keep the moisture to a minimum?

  • habit68habit68 Member Posts: 111 ✭✭ what do you use?????
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     I'm in fresh water, I have heard corrosion x is pretty good stuff so I think i will give it a try!
    Thanks for the input Al, much appreciated!
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    I think you should stick to shrink wrap installation, it is bit more safer than any other mode. Perfect for ventilation and weather friendly.
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    habit68 said:
     I'm in fresh water, I have heard corrosion x is pretty good stuff so I think i will give it a try!
    Thanks for the input Al, much appreciated!
    My boat is stored outside with shrink wrap every year. I never had a problem with moisture, mold or other issues. Our marina uses only white shrink wrap which reflects the sun and they put many vents in the wrap. They put it on in the fall and take it down in the spring. They send all the shrink wrap to a company that recycles it... Heated storage is twice the price at our place. Secondly, having your boat stored inside makes it difficult to get it launched when you want it or to work/clean it in the spring. Most operators want to go from the storage directly in the water...they don't want to block them so you can wax the hull and etc. Habit, you aren't located very far from where we keep our boat... shrink wrap will be fine for you. Just make sure the person doing it is qualified.
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    Thanks Capt. Ron, I ended up getting it professionally shrink wrapped with vents at the engine compartment and lots of moisture absorbers in the cabin and cockpit. I also used corrosion x on the engine and outdrive. I thinking it should be fine in the spring!
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