Bow thruster install questions on 2005 360

So I have decided to install an external bow thruster, sideshift, to my 360 in the offseason. I have gotten pretty solid at docking however it would help in our travels to what seems to be many windy places, including our home slip. I chose the sideshift unit as I had good luck with it on my last boat, i can install it myself, and I got a good deal. I did not install the last one so I have a couple questions. It calls for 2 separate group 31 starter batteries to be installed as close to the motor controller as possible. So I plan to install a couple AGMs under the forward berth. My questions are: 1. My boat is wrapped currently and I can't recall what the standard charger is for this boat. I have flooded cells currently, two house batteries and 2 starter batteries, that run off the charger. Does anyone know what the standard charger model is and do you think it can also charge the 2 AGMs for the thruster? 2. There is currently an unused factory thruster circuit on my main panel on the ac side. The installation instructions do not mention how to wire to an existing circuit and if it's possible. Is this a charger circuit running from the existing charger, perhaps a question for Al? 3. I am guessing my existing charger can't support another two batteries, never mind AGMs. So if I need another separate charger for this thruster would this wire into that thruster circuit on the panel? 4. I need to run a cable to a common ground and one to the ignition switch from the motor controller which will be in the front berth. Any reccomendations on how and where to fish these cables?


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